Rosson Audio Design

 Our craft: The Rad-0

The RAD-0 is born from years of R&D and a lifetime of experience. Every aspect of our headphones is prepared with an artisan’s attention to detail and a pure love for our craft. Countless hours of thought and care go into every speaker, housing and headband we make. Together, these components unite to form the best pair of planar magnetic headphones on the market. When you get your hands on the RAD-0, we’re confident that you will be able to see, feel and hear the Rosson difference.


Our Process

How We make the Best Planar Magnetic Headphones on the Planet


The Speaker

Development of the RAD-0 begins with the heart of our product: the speaker (commonly known as the “transducer” or “driver” to our fellow audiophiles). Since planar speakers can be very delicate, we use a material with an extremely low mass, the strength to withstand high temperatures, movement and electrical load, and the durability to last a lifetime.

After sourcing the speaker material, we begin designing a circuit and magnetic structure for our diaphragm. When it comes to speakers, many people assume bigger is better. Our goal, however, is to achieve a balanced sound while keeping the headphones light and comfortable. To achieve this, we fit a proprietary array of 11 N52 magnets into a medium-sized 66mm speaker. The result is a perfectly balanced listening experience with detailed transients and mids, a very tight and controlled low end, and the size and weight to comfortably wear the headphones for hours.


The Housing

For as long as we can remember, we’ve dreamed of offering unique, custom creations with an aesthetic worthy of our premium sound. We always loved materials such as micarta and stabilized wood, and we believe we have the vision and skill to incorporate these materials into our designs. Straying from the beaten path, we collect burl, maple, teak, rocks, gems, and any other beautiful item that we can fit into our casting mold. Through determination and finesse, we turn these raw materials into rings, and then we sand and polish them before drilling entry holes for the yokes and input port.


Assembly & Testing

While one half of the team works on the housings, the other half assembles the speakers in small batches and lets them “preburn” at 100dB for two weeks to help enrich their sound. The speakers then go through rigorous testing and validation to ensure that each pair is ready for its new home. Our testing tolerance is 0.3dB variance, and only those speakers that make it past the cut get installed into their newly made housings.


The Headband

After installing a speaker into the housings, we turn our attention to the headband. Weight is always an issue with planar magnetic speakers, so we focus on offsetting the weight with balanced curvature, clamping force and proper placement of perfectly dense padding. The result is the most comfortable planar headphone with the smoothest size adjustment design ever created.